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The ISO 27000 series is in its infancy. At present, therefore, public activity surrounding it is relatively scarce, with only ISO 27002 (ISO17799) and ISO 27001 having matured. However, we will continue to monitor developments very closely, and will endeavor to post information on this site as soon as it is received.

 If you have any information on these developments, or can assist in the expansion of this site, please feel free contact us.


We can be contacted via the following email address. However, you will need to re-construct it (an anti-spam measure):

iso27000 [at] 27000 [dot] org  

The directory is owned by an alliance of information security consultants from across the world. We can offer consultancy and audit services across North America, Europe and Australasia. Interested parties can contact us via the email address above.

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